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Daytimes on ROCK95 are full of music and entertainment to get your from the early part of the day to the drive home…. Come listen for the RockQuiz during the Legendary Lunch and keep in the loop with everything else

Just quickly…..I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

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I enjoy great music, my buddy Mickey the Golden Lab, a robust wine, and a neat glass of scotch. I like Batman, Ironman, Wonder Woman (depending on who is playing her) Megan Fox, and Angelina Jolie for her humanitarian efforts. Don’t call me on the last reason, I might fold.

Good motto in life…Surround yourself with people who are moving forward with talent and grace. Nothing is more important than how we treat our elderly and animals…..Not the same treatment for both groups by the way, just to clarify. Ghandi said it before in other words but same idea.

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