Rock 95’s $10,000 Secret Sound 2024


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If given the chance, could you identify a sound? Or … would it remain … a secret?

Rock 95’s $10,000 Secret Sound is BACK!

Think you know what is it?

Listen for the cue to call for your chance to guess and win!

We’ll be giving you 13 chances every weekday, from 7 AM, up to (and including) 7 PM. After hearing the cue, make sure you’re the 9th caller through at 705-721-7625 to play!

The pot will start at $100. For each incorrect guess, we’ll be adding another $25 to the pot! (Up to $10,000!)

We want you to win, so listen to the “Secret Sound” as many times as you’d like. Follow along and make sure your guess hasn’t been tried yet! We’ll be keeping track of all incorrect guesses below.

Rock 95’s $10,000 Secret Sound – brought to you by Simcoe Audio Videosound advice for the price.

Rules & Regulations

Having trouble getting through the phone lines?

Our phone lines do get a little busy and can sometimes make it difficult to get through.

Common concerns are: “All I ever get is a busy signal” OR “Is it normal to receive a recorded message saying the customer you have dialled is currently unavailable?”

Both of these issues are normal during high call volume times.

Phone companies use different cell towers and systems. Varying coverage areas can cause dropped calls, dead spots during conversations, or other connection problems.

The technology isn’t perfect and there are times during contests when the overwhelming volume of calls can cause a connection error.

Different telephone providers interpret busy signals differently. That’s why they sometimes give a busy signal and other times you get an automated voice message stating that the person you are trying to reach is unavailable, or currently does not have service.

We cannot control how your telephone provider interprets phone calls and you may receive mixed messages from your provider depending on how their system is reacting at the time of your call.

It is normal to receive a busy signal or recorded message. Frustrating, but normal.

Please hang up and try again and hopefully, we can tell you you’re caller number 9!

Best of luck and thanks for listening.

Secret Sound #9

Deb Hilger guessed “pulling a belt through loops on pants or skirt” and scored $5,400

See all the incorrect guesses below:

Closing a phonebook

Opening a deck of cards

Sucking extension cord back into a vacuum cleaner

Pulling a piece of paper out of a typewriter

Sliding in the computer keyboard tray of a computer desk

Closing a book slowly, and hearing the cover drop at the end

Hitting the return on a typewriter to brink it back across

Peeling the lint filled sheet off a lint roller and tearing it off

Record dropping into a sleeve

Cutting an onion

Removing cellophane or saran wrap

Undoing a piece of velcro off your shoes

Retracting a measuring tape

A retractable nametag keychain being retracted

Sliding a magnet across a fridge

Folding a piece of paper, and then making a crisp crease with your fingers

Taking a small sip of a drink from a cup or glass

A carpenter using a straight edge to mark a line on a surface

Retracting a projector screen

A tarp flapping in wind

Pulling the plastic packaging off a yeti cup

Pulling off a latex glove

Running a shaver across your face

Flicking a fresh garbage bag

Putting your arm through the sleeve of a coat

Shucking corn

Unhooking your seatbelt and letting it retract on its own

Opening up a container of peanuts

Fanning your thumb over a full pad of post-it notes

Pulling a piece of paper towel out of a dispenser

Turning on a windshield wiper

Sound a computer makes when sending an email

Putting a laptop into a bag

Sliding a printer paper drawer open or closed

Cutting through a peeled potato

Taking the tin foil off a Pringles can

Taking a bite out of an apple

Sliding cooked french fries onto a plate

Closing the sunroof visor

Pulling saran wrap off the roll

Dropping papers into a file folder or filing cabinet

Opening a vacuum sealed jar

Opening a yogurt or pudding cup

Tearing off saran wrap

Using your hand to slide a piece of paper across a table 

Pulling out a new grocery bag from holder

Breaking the seal of a Yeti Cup

Putting a potato in a french fry cutter and pushing it down

Putting the extra leaf in the table and pushing it closed

Sliding a newspaper out of the plastic bag and it hits the counter

Pulling a plastic straw out of a plastic cup lid

Pulling a piece of scotch tape and then ripping it off

Opening the dustpan door on a central vac

RETRACTING a snow brush from fully extended, to a smaller

Opening a packet of instant oatmeal

Opening up mail with a letter opener

Putting down a frozen stuck power window on a vehicle

Parking gate opening

Sliding out a Dewey decimal card drawer at the library

Sliding your debit card through a debit machine

Opening a hand-held fan

Pulling a curtain across a rod to open or close the curtain

Sliding the easy cutter across plastic wrap to cut off a piece

Pushing a push broom

A slinky making its final move, coming together, on the last stair

Pulling a Ziploc bag out of the box

Dropping a needle on a record and taking it off abruptly

Sliding an album back onto a shelf with the rest of a collection

Vacuum sealing something

Turning the page on a flyer or a newspaper

Locking or unlocking a deadbolt

Pulling a poster or blueprint out of a cardboard tube

Retracting a tape measure

Taking off a boot

Tearing the perforated bag for produce at the grocery store

Pulling the sticker tag off a piece of new clothes

Sliding a window in a house, to close it

Pulling a kleenex out of the box

Putty knifing a hole in the wall

Popping a party popper

Slicing through an apple with a blade

Taking a drink through a straw

Pulling a cardboard box tab to open the box

Putting your finger in your cheek and making a popping noise

Pulling off a bandaid

Dumping jello out of a pot

Putting paper into a paper cutter

A manual air pump for a bicycle or car tire

Hydraulic chair going up or down

Pulling down a handle on a paper cutter and cutting paper

Peeling of the paper protector from a self sealing envelope

Opening or closing the spout on a box of salt

Lifting the corner of a rubber mat and dropping it

Tearing off the perforated cutout from the top of a kleenex box

Sucking up liquid with a turkey baster

Slurping Soup

Pulling medical gloves out of a box

Pushing the air out of a bowl with a lid to seal it

Cutting through stalks of celery on a cutting board

Retracting a dog leash

Rolling up or down a car sunshade

Pulling a new Post-it note from a pad

Using a paper guillotine to cut paper

Sealing a Ziploc bag

Releasing the gasket on a fridge or freezer 

Pulling a suction cup off a surface 

Sucking up something large in a central vac vacuuming system

Pulling a Kleenex out of a Kleenex box

Closing an umbrella

Sliding the glass door close on a refrigerator on a commercial fridge in a grocery store

Sliding a pizza off the wooden pizza paddle

Slurping a piece of spaghetti into your mouth

Opening a band-aid package

Letting a deck of cards go, after you bridge them

Sliding the coffee basket into the coffeemaker

Putting a foot into a running shoe

Arrow flying through the air and hitting a target

Snow sliding off the roof of a car and hitting your windshield

Pulling a bag of milk out of a milk jug

A wooden match Sliding down the box to ignite it

Extending an extendable a snow brush

Playing with the power windows in the car

The sound of the last bit of water going down the drain in a sink

Pulling a piece of dental floss from the container & snapping it off

Closing a pizza box

Sliding a dresser drawer close

Sliding a book onto a bookshelf

Sliding open and closed a filing cabinet drawer

Cutting paper with scissors

A cork coming out of a wine bottle with a corkscrew

Closing a CD tray

Slurping from a Tim Horton’s coffee cup

Striking a match

Taking a suction cup off of a window

Sliding the locking mechanism of metal tongs up or down

Pressure being released when opening a sealed jar

Closing a school bus window

Sliding open a confessional window

Sliding open the mirror cover on a sun visor

Cutting  through a big watermelon

Opening a window on a track

Closing or opening a Venetian blind

Closing a window

A baby wipe

Blowing the paper cover off a straw

Pulling back and opening a carton of milk

Pulling the toilet brush out of the holder

A sliding door closing

Putting a handle down on a suitcase

Taking a Lysol wipe from the container

Closing a shower door

Cutting the packing tape on a shipping box with a box cutter

Pneumatic Tube

Sucking in pasta

Using a lint roller

Pulling toilet paper off the roll

Dropping a bag of milk into its container

Opening an envelope with a letter opener

Cutting a carrot

Peeling the protective plastic off of a new container like sour cream

Flipping pages on a book

Slurping from a soupspoon

A tape gun taping a box and cutting off tape

A tape measure recoiling

Opening an umbrella

Peeling off a post-it note

Flipping through a stack of bills

Pulling a tissue out of a box

Putting a vinyl record back into its sleeve

Papers coming out of a photocopier at the end of a job

The end of an 8-track tape

Retracting a measuring tape

Dropping a stack of newspapers

Closing a sliding glass door

Screen door window sliding down into place

A knife cutting through a head of lettuce and hitting a cutting board

A bank machine sucking your bank card in

Pulling out a dryer sheet

Pulling off the tab on a self-sticking mail pouch

End of a vinyl playing

Flipping the last few pages of a paperback novel

Running your thumb over a deck of cards and fanning them out

Pulling a credit card out of a wallet or cardholder

Closing a binder

Secret Sound #8

Angus Macdonald if Innisfil guessed “spinning a cassette tape with a bic pen” and won $2,400

See all the incorrect guesses below:

Squeezing and releasing the handle of a label maker

Tearing off a serrated edge off of a cardboard or cracker box

Nail file going back and forth on a fingernail

Tightening up your Boa laces on running shoes

A spinning party favour

Pushing down or turning and releasing a door handle

A ratchet strap

Reloading a nerf gun

An impact wrench/gun

A self-inking stamp being used

Threading a deck of cards

Massage rolling stick

Pulling down a chain on a ceiling fan

Hand held pencil sharpener turning on a pencil

Changing a slide in a viewmaster

Pulling the cord on a retractable blind moving it up and down

Pulling out the tape on the tape measure and retracting it while you’re still holding it

Rolling ice around in a glass

Old school credit card machine going back and forth

A pepper mill

A retractable lanyard

Trying to open the safety cap on a pill bottle

Flipping a container of gum

Scrolling through a view master

Cranking a manual timer (egg timer) until you get to the time you want

Turning the knob to tighten a knee/leg brace

Flattening/crumpling up an empty water bottle

An automatic air freshener 

Pulling the trigger of a spray bottle

Rubbing a pen down the ribbed section of a water bottle

Using a fob to open a car door

A hamster spinning on its wheel

A mini hand-held food processor

Pouring a box of KD into a pot

Pulling a sheet off a lint roller

Dialing the number 1 on a rotary phone

Striking a flint for a welding torch

Closing a binder

Scratching the teeth of a comb with your fingernail

Squeezing and releasing a grip strengthener

Opening a cheese slice

Turning a ratchet

A kid’s popoid toy opening and closing

Turning a showerhead

Spraying perfume or cologne

Scraping ice on a windshield with an ice scraper

A parmesan cheese grinder

Pulling a piece of Scotch tape off the roll

Cocking a gun to load it

Taking soup out of a can with a spoon

Tearing apart velcro

A wooden güiro

A slide projector changing slides

Getting a bus pass transfer stamped

Crumpling up crackers from a takeout pack

Turning the dial on a lock

Putting in a coin and turning the handle of a gumball machine

Tapping your fingers up and down on a computer keyboard

Shaking dice in a cup

A manual visa/credit card swiper used in stores

Scrolling the scroll ball on top of a computer mouse

A Rolodex

Pulling on a bendy straw and bending it

Shuffling a deck of cards

Opening or closing the safety cap on a pill or vitamin bottle

Using a salt and pepper manual mill

Turning the gas cap to lock it after pumping the gas

A pepper mill

Pushing the bubble to roll the dice in Trouble

Rifling/shuffling a deck of cards

Folding back the lip of a Tim Hortons coffee lid & pushing it into its place

Pushing the release button on an ice cream scoop to drop the ice cream

Turning a handheld can opener twice

Playing with a toy truck, back and forth

Rocking in a rocking chair

Tapping all your fingers on the counter, in a rolling succession, twice

Rolling a full bottle of water back & forth on the counter

Cutting a stalk of celery on a cutting board

Taking a tic tac container, turning it upside down and then right side up again. 

Sharpening a pencil with a crank pencil sharpener

Moving around a bendy straw

Grinding up coffee beans in a hand grinder

Extending and retracting an Exacto knife

A Rubik’s cube

A salt grinder

Cracking a nut with a nutcracker

A peeler peeling a carrot

Cracking tray of ice

Twisting of a pepper grinder

Running nails back and forth over a washboard

Secret Sound #7

Jim Budd guessed “a clothes hanger sliding across in a closet” and picked up $525

See all the incorrect guesses below:

Pulling a knife out of a sharpener

Stapling with a squeaky stapler

Guillotine paper cutters

Pulling on a trigger of a caulking gun and releasing it

Using a honing rod on a large knife in a downward motion

Opening up a chain link gate

Retracting an extendable snow brush

The shocks or struts on a car

A squeaky file drawer

A paper cutter

Putting a potato through the french fry press

3 hole punch punching through paper

Loading a stapler

Lowering a chair

The door hinge of a chest

An old 3-hole punch

Secret Sound #6

Jacqueline Dykstra of New Lowell, guessed “pushing a tac into a corkboard” and won $525.

See all the incorrect guesses below:

A door stopper

Stepping in the snow with a snow shoe

Running a brush through hair

Paper cutter cutting paper

Putting a pod in Keurig and pushing down the handle

Needle touching down on an LP

Lighting a match

Crunching down on a cheesy

Putting ice cubes in a cup

Ripping Paper

Cutting a raw potato

Cutting a piece of lettuce in half

Pulling a Kleenex out of a box

Slicing an apple in half

Pulling saran wrap out of the roll

Pulling dental floss 

Wiping off a boot on the way in

Secret Sound #5

Darlene Sitarski guessed “A Key in a Car Lock” and won $1,175

See all the incorrect guesses below:

Popping the lid onto a ziplock container

Sliding a book into a space on a shelf and letting it drop

Pulling off the perforated cardboard covering a Kleenex box hole

Slamming the side of your fist on a table

Opening the door to a microwave

Drilling in a screw

Closing a three-ring binder

Pushing a key on an old-school typewriter

Pushing down the handle on luggage

Pushing down a toaster

Closing of a glove box

Closing the lid on a blanket box

Squishing down a cardboard box

Pushing down the tray on a Perfection game before you start

Sawing a piece of wood with a handsaw

Using a knife to cut off the end of a head of celery/ lettuce

Flicking a towel

Stapling papers with a stapler

A Drum

Pulling a hand towel from a washroom dispenser

Closing the glove compartment in your car

Retracting a tape measure 

Manually opening and closing a deadbolt lock 

Pushing down the headrest of a car seat

A large staple gun going through a lot of paper

Pushing the button to unlock your car doors

Ripping tape off a cardboard box

Opening a box with a box cutter

Old School Desktop Paper Cutter (Guillotine style)

Hole punching paper

Closing the trunk of a car

The sound of an old-school car door closing

Closing of a window

Activating power door locks

Reclining an office chair

Dropping a pair of boots on the floor

Flipping through a stack of paper with your thumb

A door closing

Secret Sound #4

Danielle Thompson of Collinwood guessed “Splitting open a Banana” and won $3,800

See all the incorrect guesses below:

A striker for an acetylene or welding torch

Snapping celery

Pushing a key on an antique typewriter and releasing the key

Popping a battery out of a remote control

Ticking of a second hand on an analog clock

Shuffling a deck of cards

Clipping a nail with nail clippers

Taking the freshness seal off a bottle

Clicking your fingernails

Piercing gun

Closing a binder

Pulling apart Velcro

Dropping a paper clip on a hard surface

Connect Four piece dropping into place and then pulling the slide to let it out

Notification sound made when you lock your phone

Breaking apart chopsticks

Group of magnets snapping together

Closing the top of a Keurig or Tassimo with a new coffee pod inserted

Popping bubble wrap

Opening a metal clasp on a case

Closing a metal clasp on a case

Breaking a pencil

Cracking a fortune cooking in half

Snapping a clapboard (for the movies)

Firing a nail from a nail gun

Flicking a Bic lighter

Holding a sugar pack with one hand and flicking it with the other

Clipping off a label from a label maker

Cracking a potato chip

One-click on a typewriter 

Taking a picture on a disposable camera 

Picking up dice

Slapping on a slap bracelet

Cracking a glowstick

A personal stamp being pushed

Diabetes Lancet Pen Click

Dropping a safety pin into a container

Striking a flint to start a fire

Closing the sunglass compartment in the car

Placing the arm of a turntable onto a record

Softly squeezing a bottle of water

Opening a 3-ring binder

Price Gun

Breaking apart wooden chopsticks

Cracking a wafer cookie in half

Breaking a wooden matchstick

A chess turn clock button being pushed

Releasing the head of a razor

Turning a deadbolt to lock or unlock a door

Popping the lid off a pill bottle

Plastic hand-held game that moves a ball around

Taking a picture with a Polaroid camera

Depressing the button that flips out a car key from its fob

A stapler stapling

Clicking the reset on a GFI plug

Cracking an egg

Stepping on ice that’s not quite frozen yet

Slide projection machine

Cracking your knuckles

Turning the lid on a toothpick container and shaking out a toothpick

Counting the beads on an abacus

Separating an individual yogurt from the rest of the pack

A hand-held hole punch that does one hole at a time

The sound effect of putting something in the recycle bin on a computer

Breaking a breadstick

Clicking a mouse

Scraping a stick across pavement

Cracking an ice tray

Stepping on a twig buried under the leaves and it breaks

Cracking spaghetti in two

Clicking the crowd control counter

Turning a pepper grinder

Launching the ball in a pinball machine

Taking a picture with an instant camera

Snapping a candy cane in half

Slapping a pen down on a desk

Tent poles clinking together

Breaking apart chopsticks

Putting on a seatbelt and hearing the ‘snap’ of it locking

Shaking a touch-up stick for your car

Turning off an Apple iPhone

Putting your air buds back in the magnetic charger

Twisting a rubix cube

Sticking a magnet to a fridge

Turning on a desk lamp with a turn/toggle switch

Plastic container of paper clips, the one with magnet, when you shake out a clip

Breaking an icicle in half

A Christmas cracker

 Dropping loose change

Plugging in a rechargeable battery pack into a dock or device

Breaking a cracker

Breaking spaghetti

Removing a staple with a staple remover

Biting into a carrot stick

Tic Tac in a Tic Tac Container

A Lighter

Clicking a key on a keyboard

Cracking a glow stick

Locking or unlocking a car door

Firing a bug-a-salt gun

Unlocking or locking a deadbolt

Flicking fingernails

Dropping a marble into a bag of marbles

Turning on a burner on a gas stove

Breaking off a piece of a Kit Kat bar

Dropping a paperclip into a pile of other paperclips

Unbuckling a seatbelt

Putting batteries in a remote

Dropping a pin

Tapping a BIC pen on a desk

Taking a picture with a 35mm camera

Lighting a BBQ lighter

Putting down a typewriter key

Opening an Excel gum package

Breaking a toothpick in half

Crumpling up a  piece of paper

Hitting stop on a Walkman

Striking a flint and steel

A Newton’s Cradle

Cracking a nut

Breaking a cracker in half

Paper’s being stapled together

Striking a match

Closing the lid on a Tic Tac container

Pulling and firing an elastic band

Dart hitting a dartboard

Breaking off a stalk of celery

A Stapler

A wind-up toy

Snapping a CD back into it’s case

Hitting a metal whisk on a hard surface

Using Scissors

Snapping of fingers

Popping a piece of gum out of its package

Breaking a granola bar in half

Two magnets clicking together

The sound of your cell phone camera taking a picture

Clicking a Bic pen

Secret Sound #3

Sandra Pabst guessed “pulling out a piece of dental floss and snapping it off” and won $175

See all the incorrect guesses below:


Wooden toothpicks in a container

Spraying whip cream from the can

Secret Sound #2

Sam Magnusson of Barrie guessed “an automatic soap dispenser” and won $225

See all the incorrect guesses below:

Automatic air freshener spraying mist into the room

A dog’s squeaky toy

An remote controlled car

Trying to turn over an engine with a key

Stepping on a squeaky toy

Secret Sound #1

Mike Sanna of Barrie guessed “opening a Ziploc bag” and won $300

See all the incorrect guesses below:

Pulling a piece of packing tape off the roll

A whoopie cushion

Running a finger over the bristles of a hairbrush

tearing a postage stamp off (a sheet of stamps)

A deck of cards before you shuffle

A fart

A deck of cards being put in an arch and shuffled down

Splitting a deck of cards and rifling them together using your thumbs