Geddy Lee speaks to us all in this video.

Baseball fan or not, chances are you’ve heard that the Rogers Centre has been in […]

Baseball fan or not, chances are you’ve heard that the Rogers Centre has been in the process of getting a facelift. 

In celebration of this and the Jays’ 35th season at the venue (47th overall), Geddy Lee, legendary bassist and vocalist for Rush, welcomes back Blue Jays fans in a video that will pull at the heartstrings. 

Backed by Rush’s “Closer To The Heart,” Lee opens the video by asking “How do you make a house a home? Is it simply marked by the passage of time? Or is it by sharing a space with the ones you love, affirming home truly is where the heart is?” 

The video then goes on to show a montage of epic Blue Jay moments followed by clips of the recent renovations. 

The Rogers Centre, originally named The Skydome, opened in 1989 and sits at the base of the CN Tower. Its claim to fame was as the first stadium to have a fully retractable and motorized roof. The idea for this feature came to fruition after a Toronto Argonauts’ Grey Cup game played during a massive rainstorm. Fans got drenched, thousands squeezed in to watch the game from concessions, and the bathrooms overflowed. 

In 2004, the stadium was purchased by Rogers Communication and subsequently renamed, though many still call it The Skydome. The purchase came with its own set of renos including opening the 100 level and turning luxury boxes into party suites.

While not all of us are fans of change, the recent updates will provide an entirely new experience that should be more popular than the name change was. The updates include the addition of 4 new spaces for fans to gather and take in the game: 

  1. A bar area called The Stop behind the batter’s eye
  2. Catch Bar in right field serving trendy food 
  3. The seatless Corona Rooftop Patio where you can take in the game and the Toronto skyline 
  4. Park Social over left field with a two-tier family-oriented seating area 

The Rogers Centre has also added larger seats in the 500-level, raised the bullpens so everyone can get closer to the action and added more cupholders to the new 100 deck. 

Even if you hate the changes, you have to admit that the team looks good playing against their crisp and clean new backdrop.

Go Jays Go!