Al Brown Legendary Lunch Tribute

Listen to Tim Westin on The Legendary Lunch paying tribute to the late Al Brown

Tim Westin on The Legendary Lunch paying tribute to the late Al Brown


by now…many of you are hearing of the passing of longtime ROCK95 personality Al Brown…

first off…

I want to send out my deepest condolences to Al’s wife Julie and his boys Ben Trevor Marco, grandkids, and the entire brown family. He always spoke so highly of all of you and loved you very much.

I have talked to dozens of friends and former coworkers in recent days and we all loved him fondly.

For my part,
i had the privilege of being here on Al Brown’s first day in radio ….Al came over from print and wrote mostly in the sports vein previously. I can still remember his very first newscast like it was yesterday. He was in one booth and i was in the main studio where we could see each other in the Kozlov center…..and he was a natural from the very beginning.
after the initiation into radio was complete..he began to shine …and over the years we began to forge a working friendship on the air including a long legacy together in the morning show.
we spent more time together than we did with our families it seemed…and we did laugh….a lot
and ROCK95 listeners loved Al….you couldn’t help yourself…even if you disagreed with his opinions in the Cheapseats, there always was a respect of opinion between Al and the listener….
working with him, there was always a bonding spirit and a laugh…and talking to him always gave you an insight into subjects that you maybe never considered, even if was just a joke….
he could put the most difficult subjects into the clear sentences that you might have heard in your head, but couldn’t express clearly….he did that all the time
he was a master of understanding and language. When he wrote Cheapseats…if there was a struggle for an idea one day i remember we would banter ideas back and forth about different subjects and then he would just put his head down and write with a passion for about ten minutes and it was done. Sometimes the inspiriation came from things he saw and maybe we just accepted and took for granted. but he always seemed to find perspective ….

Audio: Cheapseats on The Academy Awards

For all of his fans and coworkers…including Stacey Thomson, Susan Meredith, Sarah Beer and Sue Leighton who co-hosted with Al and myself
Thank you Al for your time with us….you were a gift to many!