What Would Nirvana Sound Like In 2021? AI Software Came Up With ‘Drowned In The Sun’

Computers will never have the talent a human does

A youtube channel, Lost Tapes Of the 27 Club, uses special software that produces ‘new’ music and songs from musicians who passed away at 27, and are in the ’27 club.’ Is the music ‘new?’ I guess…is it ‘real?’ These are tough questions to answer. You’re going to have to be the judge on that part. First up is Nirvana.

As explained in a Rolling Stone feature, Google’s AI program Magenta was used to analyze the pioneering grunge band’s music and create the instrumental track. An artificial neural network was then used to generate the lyrics, while the vocals were recorded by Eric Hogan, frontman of an Atlanta Nirvana tribute band.    Source

Have a listen to ‘Drowned In The Sun’ below.