Watch: John Mellencamp Deals With Hecklers At Show In Toledo

Photo credit Michelle Pemberton/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Have you heard a comedian getting heckled? Sure you have, it happens all the time. Sometimes the comedian even turns it into a bit and you get a lot of laughs out of it. Heckling a rockstar? That rarely happens, and for good reason…the rockstar community is loaded with divas.

The heckler is not right in this scenario, but John Mellencamp kind of let him win. In the middle of songs, musicians often tell a story, and in this case that’s when the crowd turned and began shouting ‘play some music.’ Mellencamp has a few choice words for the guy before finally getting into ‘Jack & Diane’ however that wasn’t the end of it…he stops playing and walks off stage.


♬ original sound – Papa Shoe

Turns out he just needed a break…and for the heckler to be removed. After about 5 minutes Mellencamp came back out and played a few more songs, however he didn’t replay ‘Jack & Diane.’