Jake Gyllenhaal Takes On Conor McGregor In Official ‘Road House’ Trailer

Can Conor McGregor Act?

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as the former UFC fighter turned bouncer who is hired to clean up a local dive bar in the Florida Keys. One problem, everyone wants to fight. Seems like Gyllenhaal is always taking on a group of ‘bad’ guys who move incredibly well for spending some much time at a bar.

You know when a former fighter in Conor McGregor is part of the cast, the acting miiiiiight not be up to par. However, the trailer seems to feature a lot of action and tons of fighting and hand combat, which Conor McGregor can hopefully handle.

If you were a fan of the original — this could be something you enjoy.

That’s the kind of movie that is going straight to Amazon Prime—no theatre run for this. It arrives in March.