WATCH: Expert Martial Artists Recreate Moves from ‘Street Fighter’

Do not try this at home!

Seven-time karate champion/stuntwoman Gemma Nguyen and third degree black belt Noah Fleder took on the task of recreating some of our favourite Street Fighter moves in real life.

Here are the moves they attempted:

• Cammy – 720-degree spin into a back fist

• Ryu – two strikes with one kick

• Chun-Li – four rapid fire front to side kicks

• Ken – knee-tap-knee into a front kick

• Karin – grabs hand, goes underneath, and throws

• Zangief – bear hug into a lift and throw

• Chun-Li – side kick

• F.A.N.G. – knees strike to the back of your opponents knees into an axe kick

• Cammy – neck snap from opponent’s shoulders

• Ryu – 720-degree kick with the leg extended

• Karin – block into a shoulder shim

• Ken – spinning upper cut

• Zangief – headbutt

• Karin – front kick into a switch-leg kick

• F.A.N.G. – pull opponent down into a V-push kick