Three RUSH Pinball Machines Are Here

These bad boys aren't the same you played as a kid.

There was the teaser trailer a week ago or so, and that was enough to grab your attention.

Stern Pinball Machines have now released more information on their newest collections of RUSH Pinball Machines.

Yes, collection.

Stern Pinball has produced 3 RUSH themed pinball machines, the Pro starting at $6899 and the Limited edition will take just over of $11,000 out of your pocket.

The glory of having one of these in your man cave will be worth it, and it looks like pinball machines have gotten a few upgrades since the last time you were lining up quarters for a turn. The machine also comes with 16 RUSH tracks, custom speech from Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Ed Roberston from the Barenaked Ladies; and a few new tricks that include using your phone, and an electromagnet has been integrated into play.

To top it all off Stern Pinball, in memory of Neil Peart, have also decided to support the Neil Peart Research Award sponsored by the Glioblastoma Foundation.




MSRP $8,999 – $11,099