Company Making Cardboard Beds for Tokyo’s Olympic Village Says Beds Won’t Collapse During Sex

Considering that 450,000 condoms were handed out at the games in Brazil, the concern is warranted

Over 10,000 athletes will be showcasing their talents at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games this summer.

The theme of the Games this year is sustainability. The city is making every attempt it can at reducing the carbon footprint left behind by the Olympics. The medals this year will be made of recycled electronics, and the beds are made entirely out of cardboard.

Cardboard beds sound good in theory…but if you remember in years’ past…the athletes get a little frisky at the Games. You can see how cardboard beds might pose a problem here. Three time Australian Olympic basketball player, Andrew Bogut was the one to raise the obvious concern…

Airweave, the company who makes the beds has released a statement defending the integrity of their beds. They say they’ve tested them by dropping weights on the frame and that they can withstand 440 pounds of pressure, which makes it possible for two people to share a bunk.