Apple Watch Update Can Tell When You Start Washing Your Hands

...and it'll set a timer for you

If you take hand washing seriously (and who doesn’t these day) Apple is going to help keep you on track with their latest smart watch update. Apparently, the newest update (WatchOS 7) will be able to detect when the person wearing it is washing their hands. The watch then sets a timer for 20 seconds, which is the amount of time the government says you should be washing to avoid spreading germs. When your 20 seconds are up, your watch will vibrate to let you know.

Apple revealed the newest updates earlier this week at their annual virtual Worldwide Developers Conference. Other new features users can look forward to with this update include a sleep tracking tool. the watch will also be able to track dancing as a workout, let users create and access third-party watch faces, and you will soon be able to add a mask to your customizable memoji face.

No exact release date for the update has been announced, but Apple typically releases new software updates in the fall.