You Can Stay Free at the Most Remote Hotel in the World

It would definitely be a unique experience!

If you’re the kind of person who looks for unique vacation spots, make Ittoqqortoormiit island your next destination. It’s off the coast of East Greenland and has a population of 450 people. is looking to up tourism to the island by offering free stays in the Ittoqqortoormiit Guest House.

Until December 31, you can use the code “REMOTE” to book a stay at the hotel and you get 99% off the price. So, it’s not technically free…but 1% of the room tax and applicable taxes is still a really, really, great deal. You’ve also got to book the room before March 2019 to be able to use the code.

The money you save on your stay will likely be used towards actually getting you there. You have to fly to Reykjavik, then fly to a town called Akureyri, then fly to Constable Point, and helicopter in to Ittoqqortoormiit. Then you take an ATV to the guest house.