Would you at least try it?

yeah, yeah, yeah... but would you try it?

Our whole world is full of pre judgements that we make, that’s a fact. Once you’re older than roughly 25 years old, I think it’s safe to say you know what kind of food you like. You know what kind of flavour’s you enjoy and the ones you don’t. That being said, I am older than 25 and still find food creations that I have yet to try—and—- even if something has a gross name, or looks gross, even if I’ve been toldĀ  by someone that it is in fact gross, I still gotta know for myself. So when I saw this new trend regarding pizza, I didn’t write it off completely. Even though, it does look gross.

Apparently this was served in a Danish Pizzeria. Online user’s coined the term ‘Kiwizza’ for this kiwi topped pizza pie.

I like pizza, and I actually don’t trust anyone who doesn’t. I enjoy kiwis (the fruit) when they are around. So for sure I would try this. Would I like it? No idea. But I WOULD try it. Would you?