Would This Keep You Awake? China Installed Lasers For Drivers To Look At While Driving

Seems a little...distracting

Forget having to wait until Halloween or Christmas to get a light show while driving, what about just a cruise down the highway? If you have ever felt sleepy behind the wheel, you’re not alone. Sometimes loud music helps to wake you up, a coffee or energy drink, or driving with the windows down. In China, they took a different approach and put lasers on the roadway with the intent of keeping you awake.

The lasers are from overhead…which is great but wouldn’t it make you just look up and not ahead of you?

@dailymail Authorities in China have installed lasers on highways to stop drivers from falling asleep at the wheel #fyp #china #laser #rainbowroad #rave #mariokart #antisleep ♬ original sound – Daily Mail