Willie Nelson Wants to Smoke-Up With You Today

Featuring the likes of Billy Ray Cyrus, Tommy Chong, Matther McConaughey and a ton more

Willie Nelson wants to celebrate 4/20 with you. He announced a new live stream called “Luck Productions: Come and Toke It”. He will be hosting the variety show style live-stream for four hours and 20 minutes and it will kick off at 4:20 pm PST (7:20 EST). You can tune in at the Luck Reunion website.

He’s going to have a ton of artists, celebrity guests, chefs, comedians and cannabis experts on the show and will even feature a few of his watchers. You may even get to chat with Willie himself if you post a video of yourself smoking with the hashtags #comeandtokeit and #passleft.

The lineup for Nelson’s show includes: Billy Ray Cyrus, Tommy Chong, Nathaniel Rateliff, Matthew McConaughey, Jeff Bridges, and former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke.