Smoke On The Water Gets An Official Music Video

The release is to promote the release of the Super Deluxe version of the Machine Head Album.

We first saw it with Rush when they released an official animated music video for YYZ. Now Deep Purple is getting the same treatment to promote the Super Delux Version of the Machine Head album. The music is a 6-minute-plus 2024 remix of the song by Dweezil Zappa and Chiba Films in the UK animated the video.

While creating the video, the team wanted to try and stay true to the legend of how Smoke On The Water came to be.

Deep Purple was under pressure from their label to get some new music together and they had the Rolling Stones mobile studio, and was set to record their show at the same casino Frank Zappa performed at regularly.

During the concert, someone in the audience shot a flare gun which caught the roof on fire and burned down the venue. and Smoke On The Water recounts that story.