WATCH: Fishermen Go Overboard Trying To Catch Gigantic Fish

It was quite the birthday surprise

Two fisherman in Florida had a big surprise over the weekend. It was a birthday fishing trip in Cape Coral, Fla., when the guys caught a huge fish that managed to pull them overboard.

Chew On This Charters, the group that took the guys on their fishing trip, shared the footage to their YouTube channel. “Mike’s birthday present threw him overboard, took his fishing rod and then his friend Eric’s girlfriend, Jenny, caught it back with the anchor on the bottom,” the caption reads.

Check it out below.

YouTube / Chew On This

The fish is known as a goliath grouper, which weighed 450 pounds. They were able to release it back into the water safely.

Would you like to see if you can one-up these guys? You can fish license-free in Ontario until July 19!