U2 Take Over Freemont In Vegas To Perform New Song ‘Atomic City’

New song is named after Las Vegas from the 1950s when they were testing bombs all around the area

U2 is 11 days away from performing at the all-new MSG Sphere. The band has a residency from September to December —and the hype about the building itself could not be any higher.

Bono and Edge needed a rehearsal so they went to the Freemont Experience in Vegas and took over a stage to play a few songs, including their brand-new one.

I know this footage is from someone’s phone, but wow, everyone there is taking a video. Not a photo, everyone is filming their own video. Seems bizarre. If you are at a cool event I understand wanting a video, but if you get one, does the person you are with need one? who knows.

But that’s how we got our first taste of the song named after Las Vegas, check out ‘Atomic City’ below.