U2 Arrives On Tik Tok And Drops New Song

'Your Song Saved My Life' Is Out Now


U2 now on Tiktok. #U2

♬ Pride (In The Name Of Love) – Remastered – U2

You can’t ignore TikTok. You don’t have to like it (yet) but it isn’t going anywhere and now some of the biggest names in music are joining up with the social media platform. Led Zeppelin and The Beatles joined a few weeks ago, and now an active band U2 has put their music on the app. TikTok is such a popular app that bands would be foolish not to join to gain a bigger audience, creators on the app can now use famous songs to go along with their original videos. U2 made a splash by joining TikTok to announce they have a new song too, which is out now. The new tune is from the upcoming soundtrack for Sing 2, which Bono has a small role in.

Have a listen to ‘Your Song Saved My Life’


U2 now on TikTok. And new track #YourSongSavedMyLife from @Sing out Nov 3rd. #BonosDrawings #Sing2

♬ Your Song Saved My Life – From Sing 2 – U2