People Are Posting Pictures And Videos Of Bugs In Their Cannabis From The OCS

And Mold. Bugs And Mold.

Now that we’re over a month out from legalization day, several OCS shoppers have taken to Reddit to report their findings of bugs and mold in their cannabis buds. The post appeared on the /r/TheOCS board where users frequently voice their complaints with the Ontario Cannabis Store.



Yesterday, the owner of SafeBud, a website dedicated to reviewing the OCS cannabis quality, made a post on the board about finding bugs in his weed. He claims to have first noticed them when someone pointed them out in one of his review videos, and after being warned about mold-infested weed, he began searching his own cannabis for contamination.

The user even went on to post photos of the infestation, and pointed out that it seems like Redecan is a contaminated facility.

Check out photos and a video of the bugs below.


Bugs in Redecan White Widow – Lot #3B1L2