High School Threatens to Fine People $1,030 for Cheering at Graduation

"Graduation is a solemn occasion"

Since they can’t suspend the kids anymore, this is the next best thing.

A high school in South Carolina recently told students and family members that cheering at a graduation ceremony was not allowed. Standard for most graduations, right? They’re just trying to keep things moving. Well this time, they also threatened premature cheering with a $1,030 fine.

A slide at the ceremony said, “Since graduation is a dignified and solemn occasion, graduating seniors and their guests should behave appropriately. Please ask your guests not to call out, cheer, whistle, or applaud during the reading of names and presentation of diplomas. The citation for family members yelling out is $1,030.”

The graduation is a “publicly sanctioned event” and therefore under the jurisdiction of the local police department, but police say they won’t be citing people for cheering. Obscenities, however, are a different story.

[via Fox5]