Def Leppard’s Guitarist Phil Collen Wants You to Workout With Him

This might be the motivation you're looking for

Most of us have put on a few pounds during the pandemic, even rock stars. That’s why Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen wants to help you get back into shape with his 30 Day Fitness Challenge.

He says during his “quarantine piggery” he put on about 15 pounds and is currently the heaviest he’s ever been. Collen wants to lose the weight by the end of his challenge.

His love of exercise started in 1984 after he decided to stop drinking and partying. He turned evenings filled with wine and shots of Jack Daniel’s to jogging and a love of martial arts.

The challenge will be available online and he’s encouraging fans to join in. Collen will be sharing some of his workouts and diet tips. You can follow along with the hashtag #PhilCollen30Days or by watching Def Leppard’s YouTube channel.