April 10: Paul McCartney Says Goodbye To The Beatles

Throughout the years, it’s hard to find a group that accomplished more than The Beatles. […]

Throughout the years, it’s hard to find a group that accomplished more than The Beatles. And on April 10, 1970, Paul McCartney dropped a bomb on the music industry. That was the day he announced his departure from The Beatles.

Fans everywhere were left stunned by the news. I mean, from the outside looking in everything was perfect. But behind the closed doors of the recording studios, there was a lot of turmoil happening. You had four of the most talented musicians in the world fighting over the direction they should go. But still, how can you have The Beatles without the iconic voice of McCartney? His legendary bass lines and iconic voice were so integral to the band’s success.

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McCartney’s last album with The Beatles was the Abbey Road, which they released in 1969. Even though the announcement shocked many, it’s looked back at as a bittersweet moment. Mainly because the announcement marked Paul McCartney launching his solo career. which saw him release more than 20 solo albums.

Even more shocking is that McCartney wasn’t even the first member to leave the band. John Lennon had decided to leave the group late in 1969, but for business reasons, he tried to keep that secret. When asked in an interview following McCarnteys announcement, John was annoyed. Saying “Paul hasn’t left. I sacked him.” Which could be a sign of Lennon’s frustrations at the public announcement.

Today, even decades after The Beatles broke up, their music connects with people of all ages. The profound lyrics and explorative sounds set the tone for what Rock ‘N’ Roll sounds like today. Yes, it would have been great for them to stay together, but this also gave you 4 great solo careers to shape the genre you love today.

Here’s a video of Paul McCartney performing his first single “Another Day” live

Other Notable Rock Events From April 10

1962 – The former bassist of The Beatles, Stuart Sutcliffe, passed away. He was the original bassist for 18 months.

1965 – A public school in North Whales asked parents to keep children in school uniforms and not send them in corduroy trousers like The Rolling Stones wore.

1970 – The Doors frontman, Jim Morrison, was pulled off stage by the band’s keyboardist at a show in Boston after he asked the crowd if they wanted him to expose himself. Morrison was arrested a year before for lewd behaviour during a performance. 

1976 – Peter Frampton went number one on the US album chart for Frampton Comes Alive.

1982 – Iron Maden landed their first UK number-one album for The Number Of The Beast.

1994 – More than 5000 fans showed up in Seattle for a public memorial service honoring Kurt Cobain.

2001 – Bruce Springsteen won a court battle against Ronald Winter to keep the rights to his early songs. He was also awarded 2 million dollars in damages.

2005 – The last episode of The Osbournes aired on MTV

2006 – Chris Martin (Coldplay) and Gweneth Paltrow announced the name of their second child, Moses Martin.

Rock Birthdays

1980 – Bryce Dane Soderberg of Lifehouse (Bass, Vocals)

1981 – Liz McClarnon of Atomic Kitten (Vocals)

1983 – Andrew Dost of Fun (Piano)

On This Day In History – April 10

April 10 has so much history in Rock ‘N’ Roll. From artists winning the rights to their music to bands getting their first taste of success. But nothing was as shocking as the announcement Paul McCartney made. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for April 10.