April 17: The Eagles Release Their Sophmore Album

On April 17, 1973, Country-Rock legends The Eagles released their sophomore album, Desperado. The album […]

On April 17, 1973, Country-Rock legends The Eagles released their sophomore album, Desperado. The album built off the success of their debut self-titled album, but the band wanted to explore some new territory with Desperado.

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At the core, it’s a concept album that tells the story of the American outlaw. One of the most defining features of the album is its Cinematic quality. Telling the story of love, loss, and redemption in the Wild West.

The Eagles recorded the album in four weeks at Island Studios in London. Because they wanted to release the album in such a short time span the producer of the album, Glyn Johns, limited the band to 4 takes per song. The restrictions Johns put on the album led to some imperfections. Vocalist Don Henley has said he regrets his performance on the title track. Saying he wished he had done one more take.

Even though Desperado became a commercial success, its success was a struggle. That era of music was full of dominated by bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, who often overshadowed The Eagles’ laid-back style of rock. But, over time the album’s reputation grew and fans started to appreciate the storytelling on the album.

Today, the album stands as one of The Eagles’ greatest achievements. The influence of the album is still heard in the work of artists like Bruce Springsteen and The Killers.

In the four decades since its release, Desperado has lost none of its power to captivate and inspire. Its themes of love and longing still sit with listeners of all ages. Which stands as a reminder of the timeless appeal of a good story well told. It will be forever etched in the annals of rock history.

Check out the video for the title track “Desperado” here

Other Notable Rock Events From April 17

1965 – Bob Dylan released his second studio album The Free Wheelin 

1971 – Three Dog Night started a six-week run at the top of the US singles chart for their song “Joy To The World”.

1971 – All four members of The Beatles had solo singles on the UK charts. McCartney had “Another Day”, Lennon with “Power To The People”, Ringo Starr’s “It Don’t Come Easy”, and George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord”

1973 – Pink Floyd’s album Darkside Of The Moon went gold in the US 

1991 – Nirvana appeared at the OK Hotel in Seattle, where they played their smash hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for the first time 

1993 – David Bowie’s eighteenth studio album, Black Tie White Noise, went number 1 on the UK albums chart

1998 – Linda McCartney, wife of Beatles legend Paul McCartney, lost her long-term battle with cancer.   

Rock Birthdays

1955 – Pete Shelley of Buzzcocks (Guitar)

1964 – James Keenan of Tool (Vocals)

1967 – Matt Chamberlain worked with acts like Pearl Jam and David Bowie (Drums)

On This Day In History – April 17

April 17 was a busy day in rock history. Bands released iconic albums, reached some of the highest accolades, and we even saw the debut of one of rock’s biggest hits. We sure can’t wait to see what the future holds.