Barrielicious is on July 7th- July 23rd 2017

This is your chance to win dinner for 2 at a selected restaurant participating in Barrielicious brought to you by The Chris Messscar Team!

Be listening to The Rock 95 Morning Crew &  the Afternoon Drive with Randy Richards  to hear about various delicious menu items you can enjoy during Barrielicious PLUS a chance to win dinner for 2!

Giveaways Week June 26th- June 30th

Friday Giveaway – isushi


Giveaways Week July 4th-7th with the Rock 95 Morning Crew

Monday – No Giveaway Due to Holiday

Tuesday – Made in Mexico

Wednesday – Harbour House Grill

Thursday – Hooligans

Friday – The Gallery Café at Maclaren Art Centre


Barrielicious runs until July 7th- July 23rd, 2017  for a complete list of restaurants and to book your reservation CLICK HERE

Gift Cards are for dinner for 2 at specified restaurant, valid only during Barrielicious Summer edition 2017, does not include beverages or gratuities. ROCK 95 will not supply baby sitting, cab fare,  nor be responsible for additional weight gain or newly developed food obsessions.
ROCK 95 General Rules & Regulations Apply