Samuel L. Jackson Picks his Favourite Roles of All-Time

very unexpected!

Samuel L. Jackson’s movies have earned over $5.7 billion at the box office. It’s no wonder he is the highest grossing actor of all-time.

He’s got two major movies on the way as well: Glass (the sequel to Unbreakable and Split, as well as a bunch of Marvel movies).

He’s played quite a few iconic characters over the course of his career, and he laid out his top favourite roles of all-time:

4) Nick Fury from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

3) a Quentin Tarantino trio: Ordell from Jackie Brown, Jules from Pulp Fiction, and Stephen from Django Unchained

2) Mace Windu from Star Wars 

1) Mitch Henessey from The Long Kiss Goodnight

So surprised Snakes on a Plane didn’t make the list!

(cover photo via flickr Celebrityabc)