Red Hot Chili Peppers Make An Announcement

RHCP Make A Shuffle To Their Band


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The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been around a long time, longer than you probably think. They first started to gain traction in the early 1990s and that’s when guitarist John Frusciante was among the group. Throughout the 90s John was on again off again with the band, due to things that are associated with being a rockstar… and drugs.

In 1998 John was back with RHCP and that was the year Californication came out, my true first experience with the band, and that iconic music video, remember the video game one? The sound the band had from right before the millennium to about 2009-ish was something that brought them worldwide success. Stadium Arcadium ring a bell? That was the last album that John Frusciante was part of the Chili Peppers. The band was still active in his absence and certainly retained me as a fan, HOWEVER, they did just announce on instagram that he is in fact BACK WITH THE GROUP, meaning those iconic songs that we love to play on Rock 95, the ones that have that true unique Red Hot CHili Peppers sound, well those will certainly stick around but I expect when new music is released from the band it’s going to have that old-school sound that we all grew to know and love.

So yes this is a change in the band, but I think it’s a good one.