Pumpkin Spice Pizza Now Exists

Just add it to the list of the many other pumpkin spice-flavoured things!

Should pumpkin spice pizza be added to the list of pumpkin spice-flavoured things that shouldn’t exist?

Some may think so but I actually think this is worth trying!

To get it, you’ll have to go to Villa Italian Kitchen in New Jersey. To celebrate the first day of fall on Friday, they’re now offering pumpkin spice pizza. It’s topped with pumpkin pie filling, and after it’s been in the oven, more pie filling is added on top. It’s also got the classic spices like clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

If you’re thinking that it might be a dessert pizza, it’s not because it’s got cheese too! I think the mix of savoury and sweet would be delicious!

Of course, people are giving their harsh opinions on Twitter:

Even late-night host Seth Myers gave it a plug!

Whether you like the idea or not, you have to admit, it’s good advertising for them!