Peacock Crashes Liquor Store…Disaster Ensues

You could's feathers were ruffled...

Canada has geese, California has peacocks. Residents see them as a nuisance but they’re protected and harming them can come with fines and jail time.

A Peahen (female peacock) strutted through the opened doors of a liquor store in California unbeknownst to the owners and was just browsing until one customer asked about the chicken in the vodka aisle.

The owner of the store then tried to guide the bird back out the front doors but ended up spooking it. The peahen ended up flying directly at him and ended up on top of one of the shelves in the store.

When animal control arrived and tried to catch the bird with a net, chaos ensued. It tried flying away, knocking over $500 worth of wine and champagne. They eventually caught the bird unharmed and removed it from the store.