Old Naked Woman Scares Robber

who needs an alarm system when you have Patricia Mulkeen

When 91-year-old Patricia Mulkeen heard her dog Pepper barking in the middle of the night, she thought a raccoon had gotten into the house. She grabbed a flashlight and went downstairs to investigate.

Her husband Jack recounted the story to 7 News.

“My wife at 91 years old gets out of bed and she’s stark naked, and here’s this young guy in his 20’s looking at a naked 91-year-old woman. That’d be enough to make him faint; it’s a shock.”

Mulkeen said when the intruder saw her, he immediately said “Sorry, ma’am” and left her house through the basement. Her husband called the police and he was apprehended nearby.

One more benefit of sleeping in your birthday suit.