Man Forgets Where he Parks his Car…Finds it 20 Years Later

How did it not get towed?

We’ve all been there.

Back in 1997, a man in Germany reported his car stolen to the police. Turns out, he just forgot where he parked it. Authorities tracked down the vehicle 20 years later in the exact spot where he had parked it; in a garage in an old industrial building that was supposed to be demolished. The only reason it was found was because it was in the way of the demolition and was reported to the police.

Unfortunately, the car was not functional and had to be scrapped.

This isn’t the first time someone in Germany lost their car. A few years ago a man was reunited with his car after two years. He had gone on a drinking binge and forgot where he’d parked it. Police found it 4 km away from where he’d thought he’d parked it.

[via Independent]