Gourmet Brunch In Support of Fort Mac This Sunday!

Michael and Marion's Donating All Food Proceeds to Red Cross

The fire devastation and evacuation of residents from Fort McMurray have been bringing out the best in people. From across the nation and in different parts of the world, as they have been digging deep into pockets to try to help with relief efforts, both through cash donations and also with offers of relief to help out from across the country.

Numerous fundraisers have been popping up in support of the cause and there is a delicious one for you to partake in this coming Sunday.  Chef Kent Smith owner of Michael & Marion’s and the Side Door Bar and Café on Bayfield St. in Barrie is going to be holding a special Red Cross Relief Brunch with proceeds of all food sales to support the Red Cross relief efforts in the Fort McMurray area. 

If you’ve dined at Michael & Marion’s in the past, you’ll know the brunch is going to be a culinary delight.  The fundraiser starts at 10:30am on Sunday and will be a pay what you feel donation in support of the Red Cross Relief efforts.   For more info call 705-721-1188.

There’s talk of billions of dollars that are going to be needed for restoration projects in the area.  So far, the Canadian Red Cross has received over $60 million dollars in donations, and the Canadian Government has promised to match the amount raised by Canadians.  The Red Cross says they will be unveiling the plan on how they plan to assist burned out residents and how this money will be allocated in the coming days.