Police Week

May 9-15

It’s fitting that Police Week starts on the same day as Mother’s Day, because when it comes to Mothers and the Police, it’s a good idea to behave in the presence of both.

The theme of this year’s Police Week is: Working Together to Keep Our Communities Safe.  Throughout the week, police departments across Canada and here in Barrie will be showcasing on-line some of the important work they do day in and day out to keep our communities safe.  In pre-pandemic years, they would set up special displays in malls, host open-houses and be at special events to highlight the important work they do in the community.  This year, as last year, their information has to be distributed on-line through Facebook, Twitter and various web-sites.

Attempted murder accused found hanging in Suddie Police lock-ups | INews Guyana

Police Departments unfortunately have suffered some serious negative public relations over the last number of years, but what we don’t hear about is the countless “good” things the members bring to their jobs on a daily basis.  The charity work they do in the community, and also having to be prepared each and every day to step into harms way if need be to help keep us safe as a society.  They are neighbour’s living in our community.  They are someone’s Dad or Mom, brothers and sisters who are asked to go into dangerous places and situations that many of us wouldn’t even consider getting involved in.

So, while this is a week for the Police to show off their equipment, skills and abilities to be able to serve the Public, it’s also a good week for the public to realize the importance of the role and sacrifices the brave men and women and first responders bring to their job each and every day they go to work.