Canadians Are Carving “Gourd Downie” Pumpkins This Halloween

Canadians continue to pay tribute to a Canadian musical legend in the most unique ways.

“Gourd Downie” pumpkins will be glowing all across Canada this Halloween. It’s just the latest way Canadians have been paying tribute to The Tragically Hip lead singer. Photos of people’s Halloween creations have been popping up on all sorts of social media sites including Reddit, Imgur, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Responses have been typically Canadian like “No dress rehearsal, this is our knife” and “I looked up to the Gourd above and I said ‘Hey man, thanks.”

Check out the works of art below:

Illusions of someday, casting a golden light… #GourdDownie #GordDownie #pumpkin #tragicallyhip

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Gourd Downie from canada