Dictate McCully's workouts, make him do something embarrassing, or make him do a chore that you don't want to do, all in support of a great cause!

Rock 95’s own McCully is giving you the chance to play Puppet Master all in the name of raising money for local youth!

Have you ever wanted to have god-like powers & be able to control someone like a puppet master … But, like, for a good cause?

My #MarchMadness4Kids fundraiser is back, where I pledge to eat clean AND exercise every. single. day. of March. That’s 31 straight days of workouts & clean eating, with no days off and no cheat meals.

But what exercises will I do?

That’s where YOU come in.

When you make a donation to the cause of $100 or more, ($200 or more for businesses) you get to dictate the physical task I have to do for one of those days! It can be tough, it can be funny, it can be inside or outside … it can even involve costumes. As long as I’m not going to get hurt, sick, or break the law, I’m up for the challenges!

The sky is the limit to what you can creatively come up with to support the Easter Seals Ontario

So, what will you MAKE ME do? You can issue your challenge by filling out the from below.

If you’d like to make a donation to McCully’s cause, click here.

Fill out my online form.


Day 1: Newborn Circuit Training

Day 5: Pushing a Corvette Stingray Coupe

Day 6: Cleaning Out A Senior’s Gutters

Day 8: Manual Labour At Fox’s Bakery & Deli

Day 23: Piling Wood in Coboconk

Day 27: Manual Labour in Rama

Day 28: Pulling A Firetruck Thanks to Ainger

Day 29: Facing Fear Of Heights While Painting

Day 30: A Day In The Life With Boxing Gloves


Check Out These 2023 #MarchMadness4Kids Challenges

Here are some of last year’s challenges for inspiration ….

Day 1: Beer Bottle Circuit Training

Day 4: Wrestling Ring Circuit Training

Day 5: Training with CheerPride All-Stars

Day 6: Collecting Gallons of Sap At Six Mile Lake

Day 7: 3 Minute Polar Plunge

Day 8: Using Thor’s Workout App

Day 9: Hot tub & Topless Snow Angels

Day 11: 60 min Super Saturday at F45 Barrie Southwest

Day 15: Arm Wrestling Training with IronArms Barrie

Day 21: High-Heel Pooper Scooping

Day 24: More Scooping & Dog Attacks

Day 25: CrossFit Somos & The Beep Test

Day 27: Wood Cutting in Moonstone

Day 28: Georgian Triangle Humane Society

Day 30: More Painful Wood Split