Best Free Stuff on Barrie Kijiji (Week of June 19th)

You can get this stuff, right now... if you want...

We saved you some time and skimmed through Kijiji for the best stuff that you can grab this weekend on Kijiji. This is what we found.

Free brand new stretcher

Excuse me sir or madam, why do you own a stretcher?


I mean you cut all of that wood, so wouldn’t that make you a tree expert?

Can you help

Wait… cockroaches like laundry detergent?


I double-dog-dare you to just take the bin.

Partition walls

For all of your “building the best fort in the office” needs.

“Curious” by Brittany Spears 100mL Perfume – Brand New

This was in the free section. It is clearly not free. I’m more curious about the type of person that would respond to a classified ad about Britney Spears perfume and pay $20 for it. I want to know if this person even exists.


Skids of what?


Wanted: Lost wedding ring

Yeah… “lost it”. Likely story.