Astronauts Share Tips They Learned in Space to Help Make Isolation More Bearable

Isolation experts weigh-in

A few months ago, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield shared some tips on how to stay sane during Isolation. Here’s his video in case you need a refresher:

Like Hadfield, astronaut Scott Kelly has also made multiple trips to the International Space Station and has his own suggestions for staying sane.

He says the most important piece of advice he can give anyone right now is to follow a strict schedule. Routine is always good, even if it means you give yourself a few more hours of sleep in the morning. He also says keeping track of how long it’s been since we’ve been isolating is a no-no. Focusing on the negatives is never a good thing. Kelly’s final piece of advice: focus on things you can control, not things that are out of your grasp.