WORST New Year’s Resolutions To Make

And How To Make Them Work/Last

You try to be good. You set a goal, keep it for a week or two, and then … well … you don’t.

Don’t beat yourself up over it. Just try and be a little more realistic with your goals. For instance:

Exercise More

Normally you set a schedule, make a routine, and stick to it for a few weeks, and then you ultimately end up missing your workout one day. That leads to missing another, and another … and 5 more.

Instead of joining a gym and trying to amp up your workout routine to an hour a day every day, simply start by taking a short walk a few times a week, and gradually work your way up to something more intense month by month.

Eat Healthier

Ahh yes, dieting. You eat healthier for a while, but then it’s Valentine’s Day chocolates, your best friend’s birthday party, your all-inclusive vacation, and your sister-in-law’s baby shower.

Forget the actual “diet” or “meal plan”, and just try to eat healthier. Make a conscious choice to drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies in a day, and keep in mind portion sizes. No need to starve or deprive yourself of those leftover holiday treats.

Drink Less Alcohol

After the rough morning that was New Year’s Day, it’s no surprise you would want to drink less. But after the second or third time of turning down drinks at a party, you finally give in.

Don’t deprive yourself from having fun with your friends and family, but watch how many drinks you have. Nothing says you HAVE to finish that bottle of wine in one sitting.

If you know you’re heading to a party on the weekend, don’t drink for the entire week leading up to it. And of course, have a way of getting home! Please don’t drink and drive!

Quit Smoking

It’s an admirable intention, but unfortunately, almost all of New Year’s resolutions to quit smoking fail within the first month.

Try seeking help. Speak to your doctor about options to quit, and/or have a support system. Maybe your spouse or a friend or family member wants to quit too. It makes it easier when you can lean on someone else who is going through the same withdrawals and cravings that you are, so you can keep each other motivated to quit.

Save More

It’s right after the holidays, and when you look at your credit card statement, of course, you’re going to want to save more!

To help you achieve this goal, make a long-term plan of paying off debt, and putting some money into savings. Try coming up with a monthly budget for yourself and/or your family. And stick to it!

Here’s to a Happy New Year!