Already Sick of PokemonGo? Here Are A Few Fads Growing Up That Came and Went

Just keep telling yourself, "It's Just A Fad"

I’m sure by now you’re in love with everything PokemonGo…. Or you can’t wait for it to die a quick, painful death!

Well don’t worry, it’ll be gone. It’s just a fad.

While things like this seem to last forever, they fade over time.

Here’s a few examples of things that couldn’t go away soon enough.



(Photo by Simon Law via Flickr)

I never breakdanced… because I’d break something. But this was everywhere in my youth… and while I thought it was cool back then I truly believe the 43 year old grump I am now would tell these punks to get off my lawn.


Hacky Sack

(Photo by Megan Newell via Flickr)

Group of guys keeping a small ball in the air with their feet. Another monster fad in the 80’s that I would have hurt myself doing.


Use of the word NOT

Made popular by Wayne’s World, there wasn’t many people that you talked to that wouldn’t speak like this.

I feel like working today…..NOT

I wanted to crawl into a hole.



When I was in college in the 90’s, I think I was the only human not in overalls. Boys or girls. I didn’t mind them so much on girls, but not on a dude…unless you work on a farm, or your name is Hillbilly Jim


Gangnam style

There wasn’t a worse fad than this. And if you think of one…you’re wrong.