A Grocery Store Where You DON’T have to wait in line?!

Yes please!

This is like all of my dreams coming true. Imagine a world where you can go grocery shopping and not have to wait a thousand hours in line and load them on the conveyor belt to pay for them? That world could be a reality sooner than we think!

Amazon is testing this at a grocery store in Seattle. It’s called Amazon Go and when you go in the store, sensors register items that you’ve picked up and then you’re charged automatically right then and there through the Amazon Go app.

But what happens if you grab something, put it in the cart but then decide you don’t want it after all and put it back on the shelf? Will it still charge you? Nope! The technology is THAT good.

YouTube / amazon

The store is set to open in early 2017.

Here’s hoping it will work and eventually make its way on up to us in Barrie!

What do you think of this grocery store of the future?

Main Image via Forbes