8-Year-Old Boy Drives Brother to Tim Hortons in Family Truck

...to get breakfast

Remember the 8-year-old boy who drove his sister to McDonalds? Well, there’s a Canadian version of this story.

An 8-year-old boy from Jarvis, Ontario was found behind the wheel of his family’s pickup truck in a farmer’s field early Friday morning because he just wanted to get his little brother some breakfast from Tim Hortons.

Map from Jarvis, Ontario to Barrie, Ontario

Jarvis is about 2 hours South West of Barrie

Police were called to the scene after a Tim Hortons employee told them a pick-up truck drove over a curb and into a farmer’s field beside the restaurant. The employee went out to check on the driver of the vehicle, and found the two boys (age 8 and 6) inside. Neither one was hurt and the truck was not damaged.