5 Gadgets that will Not Exist by 2025

R.I.P. Remote Control

1. Gaming Consoles

Companies like NVIDIA offer console-free, cloud-based gaming and are predicted to make your Xbox One and PlayStation 4 obsolete. These game-streaming services lets users stream more than 100 games with no updates or downloads.

2. Automobile Mirrors 

Mirrors are so 2010. The U.S. Department of Transportation has a new rule in place requiring back-up cameras in all new cars by May 2018. That, combined with self-driving vehicles and heads-up displays will leave today’s mirrors obsolete.

3. Remote Controls 

Soon, the days of looking for the remote control will be over. Many smart TV’s can be operated via smartphones, and Amazon’s Echo (hands-free, voice-controlled product that will do everything from order you a pizza to play music) was the best-selling device of 2016.

4. Credit Cards 

With the existence of services like PayPal and Apple Pay, cashless (and credit card-less) transactions are becoming more and more common world-wide.

5. Passwords

Soon the days of trying to remember five different passwords will be over. The growing popularity of biometric sensors mean you can unlock your smartphone with a fingerprint, products like Amazon’s Echo are voice-activated, and facial recognition technology (currently used by Facebook to tag friends in your photos) will be more accurate.

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