12 Finalists Announced for Toy Hall of Fame

They will join the likes of bubbles and dominoes

The 2017 contenders for the Toy Hall of Fame were announced earlier this week. There are 12 in total, with two to three being inducted into The Strong Museum in Rochester on November 9th. While anyone can nominate a toy, they are chosen on the advice of historians, and educators for their longevity, success and ability to inspire creative play. The winning toys will join the 63 toys already inducted, including dominoes, bubbles, and the dollhouse.


(photo via John Lambert Pearson flickr)

Players need to figure out who committed a murder. It was introduced in 1947 and is still one of the top-selling board games of all time.

Magic 8 Ball

This toy has helped millions of people made difficult decisions over the past 70 years.

Matchbox Cars

These mini-automobiles debuted in 1952 and are still a #1 seller for Mattel.

My Little Pony

(photo via Mary Bliss flickr)

These mini ponies were introduced in the 80’s and have since evolved into board games and TV shows.

Paper Airplane

It’s all about how many folds you make. Leonardo DaVinci wrote about making planes out of paper in the 15th century.


PEZ started out as a breath mint in 1927 and evolved into a brick of candy being fed through the neck of pop-culture characters.

Play Food

Play food was cool when you were a kid, but as an adult, I’d rather it be real.


(photo via Tambako The Jaguar flickr)

The strategy game was introduced in 1959.


Self-explanatory. We’ve all brought it back home with us in shoes and bathing suits at one time or another.


(photo via Pete Slater flickr)

The 1980’s saw the birth of the Transformers toys, comic book series, cartoon series, animated movies, electronic games, and other products including cereal.


Easy, quick, and fun.

Wiffle Ball

(photo via Mike Mozart flickr)

The perforated plastic ball has provided hours of entertainment since 1953.