You Could Be In An Our Lady Peace Music Video!

By showing how you give back to your community!

Our Lady Peace is encouraging people to share a video or photo on Instagram of something that is meaningful to them – a good deed that they’re doing for someone else, or shining a light on another person who has made an impact on their life – tag Rock 95, tag the band and use the hashtag #MySomethingness, then encourage your community to do the same. Posts submitted between today and November 13th (World Kindness Day) will be reviewed by the band and contributors may be selected to be featured in OLP’s upcoming new music video for their latest single, Head Down. If you tag Rock 95 and your video is selected, we’ll also interview you with the band!

“We have the unique opportunity to share stories with so many different people and fans around the world,” says frontman, Raine Maida. “We’re often reminded of the incredible selfless acts and contributions everyday working people make to help better their communities and the people that live there. #MysSomethingness is all about honoring these good people; shining a light on each other.”

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Over the past week we've been inspired by what each of our bandmates has been doing to help out and contribute to their community. "My Somethingness" came up as a term that encompasses doing good, big or small. It means something different to everyone and that's what makes it so powerful. Social media is covered in a 24 hour cycle of negative news and we want to interrupt it with the good from every day people in every day life. We also want to highlight the good you guys do in the new music video for “Head Down” so send in a video of you telling us about and doing your somethingness to for a chance to be featured by November 13th. We also want to see what you guys are doing on social media so use #mysomethingness to post yourself doing good in your community to spread the kindness and break the noise.

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