Ranking 3 Of The Best Songs By Metallica

“Enter Sandman”, “Turn The Page” &“Nothing Else Matters.”

Metallica is an iconic heavy metal band, known for their intense sound and emotionally charged lyrics. I was asked to rank three of their biggest songs – “Enter Sandman,” “Turn The Page,” and “Nothing Else Matters.”

Here’s what I had to say about these Metallica songs …

1. Nothing Else Matters

While “Nothing Else Matters” takes the final spot in our ranking, it remains a testament to Metallica’s ability to craft emotionally charged ballads. 

Released in 1991 on the same album as “Enter Sandman,” this song offers a glimpse into the band’s more introspective side.

Hetfield’s heartfelt lyrics and acoustic guitar work create an intimate atmosphere, contrasting with the band’s aggressive reputation. The song’s themes of love, vulnerability, and the challenges of maintaining relationships on the road resonate with fans on a personal level.

“Nothing Else Matters” might be different from Metallica’s typical sound, but it showcases their willingness to explore diverse musical territories.

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2. Turn The Page

“Turn the Page” takes the second spot, showcasing Metallica’s ability to infuse raw emotion into their music. Originally penned by Bob Seger, Metallica covered this track in 1998 on their album Garage Inc.

The band’s rendition is a heavier portrayal of the original, replacing saxophone with slide guitar. The guitar work, Hetfield’s vocals, and the subdued tempo distinguish Metallica’s version while staying true to the song’s original sentiment.

The lyrics speak of life on the road, capturing the weariness and isolation that can come with a musician’s lifestyle, though, Metallica’s accompanying music video follows a single mother who is a sex worker. 

When asked how he felt about Metallica’s version, Seger said he loved it. “They told me they were gonna do it, and I loved it. I really like the drums especially because our drums are really simple.”

1. Enter Sandman

I had no say in the songs I would be ranking but was happy that “Enter Sandman” made it to the list. 

Released in 1991 on their self-titled album (often referred to as The Black Album), “Enter Sandman” opens with a haunting, childlike melody that quickly evolves into a thunderous riff. James Hetfield’s gritty vocals and Kirk Hammett’s searing guitar solos complement the song’s dark lyrics, which explore the universal fear of the unknown and the power of nightmares.

The song’s impact extended beyond the metal community. Its distinctive sound and gripping narrative made it an anthem for Metallica fans and a gateway for newcomers to the genre. 

“Enter Sandman” is my #1. 

In the world of heavy metal, Metallica’s influence is undeniable. For me “Enter Sandman” reigns supreme, encapsulating the essence of their sound. “Turn the Page” offers a glimpse into their emotional range, while “Nothing Else Matters” showcases their ability to connect on a deeper, more introspective level. Each of these Metallica songs contributes to their legacy, solidifying their place in rock history.

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