Ranking 3 Of The Best Songs By Nickelback


Nickelback, a band that has rocked its way into the hearts of millions, is synonymous with chart-topping songs like “Photograph” and “Rockstar.” 

Today, I’ve been asked to rank “Animals,” “How You Remind Me,” and  “Never Again.”

Here’s where these 3 Nickelback songs place for me …

3. “How You Remind Me”

Landing at number 3 is “How You Remind Me.

Released in 2001, this track was the #1 song on US Radio in the 2000s. 

Chad Kroeger already had the first four songs of the song written when he got into an argument with his then-girlfriend. He went down to his basement and started recording the song very loudly with improvised lyrics. He was hoping she would realize how upset he was. Less than an hour later, he had the entire song fleshed out and ready to share with the band. 

Written in the heat of the moment, its emotionally charged lyrics struck a chord with listeners everywhere. 

2. “Never Again”

In second place, I would have to go with  “Never Again.” 

Released in 2002, the song delves into the impact of domestic abuse, showcasing Nickelback’s ability to address serious issues through their music. 

The powerful lyrics, combined with the band’s signature blend of rock and emotion, make “Never Again” an unforgettable track while Chad Kroeger’s vocals bring the pain and resilience of the song’s subject to life.

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1. “Animals”

Taking the top position is “Animals.” 

My girlfriend and I just saw this song live at Burl’s Creek and she can’t stop singing it in the shower. 

The song is a perfect example of Nickelback’s ability to infuse gritty rock with infectious melodies. Released in 2005, it captures the essence of desire, telling the story of a man and his girlfriend going at it like “animals” until they are caught by her father. 

As Nickelback continues to resonate with fans worldwide, these songs serve as a testament to their enduring musical legacy.