Tragically Hip Music Sales See HUGE Spike

Gord Downie's music lives on.

As Canadians continue to mourn the loss of a musical legend, Gord Downie, we can’t get enough Tragically Hip music!

Since his death last week, there’s been a huge boost in sales, streams and radio play. Overall sales of the Hip’s catalogue went up 1000% with 11 000 units. That includes physical and digital sales along with a calculation of on-demand streams. The most popular has been their greatest hits compilation “Yer Favourites.” It rose from 182 up to #2. 10 other Hip albums made the Billboard Top 200 including 1992’s “Fully Completely” and 1998’s “Phantom Power.” Gord Downie’s “Secret Path” also re-entered the chart.

Streaming went up as well to 700%.

On the day he passed away, “Ahead by a Century” was the Hip’s most played song on the radio, followed by “Courage,” “Wheat Kings,” “New Orleans Is Sinking” and “Bobcaygeon.”

It’s great to see Gord Downie’s music will live on forever!

Main Image via Facebook / The Tragically Hip