Rename the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport

...a petition.

Ian Miller, of Pittsburgh, has started an online petition to rename the Pittsburgh International Airport after legendary children’s entertainer Mr. Rogers.

He proposes to change the name of Pittsburgh International Airport to “Fred Rogers International Airport.”

On the petition’s page, he says, “Pittsburgh is still an active transit hub and, for many people, our airport will be their first experience in Pittsburgh. We wish to welcome everybody to our neighborhood.”

The petition already has over 3000 signatures.

But it got me thinking…
Why don’t we rename the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport to something more “inspiring”?

Name it after a beloved member of our community.

Someone who truly epitomizes Simcoe County.

So here’s a petition I put together to re-name our airport “The Bob McIntyre Regional Airport”

Please sign if you agree.