Finished Mixed-Media Art Piece From the Birthday Bash Ready For Toy Drive Auction!

Local Artist Sean William Dawson created this piece, inspired by the music at the Rock 95 Birthday Bash!

The finished piece is ready for your bids. It started at the Rock 95 Birthday Bash & is now ready to help give a kid a Christmas. Local artist Sean William Dawson documented the entire process from McCully choosing the canvas, to the real-time painting at the Bash, to the fixing of the autographed drum skin.

Check out the story behind the classic car, the reason for the piece’s appropriate “The Other Man” title, and the autographed drum skin from all the bands that played at the Rock 95 Birthday Bash.


Listen to Sean William Dawson on the Drive Home Show w/ McCully updating everyone on the final product.

Be sure to check out all of Dawson’s work at his “Outta The Box” youtube page here!

And stay up to date on when the Toy Drive online auction, (featuring this piece & all your tradio items), goes live here!