QOTSA’s Josh Homme Share’s Anthony Bourdain’s Letter To His Daughter

Read Bourdain's Apology To Homme's Daughter

It’s no secret that Queen of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme and Anthony Bourdain had a long and trusting friendship. The two collaborated in several projects together, such as Homme’s participation in chef Bourdain’s show No Reservations and collaboration with Mark Lanegan to create a theme song for Bourdain’s program Anthony Bourdain: Parts unknown.

As the world mourns the death of Bourdain, the QOTSA singer decided to share an apology letter from Bourdain to Homme’s daughter. On June 29, Homme wrote to Bourdain via Twitter:

“Once Camille was so mad at you. She was defending me. & So were you. Defending me. As we had done & would do many times over the years for each other. & you, with great care, such empathy, such sweetness… you apologized to a little girl who was defending her daddy.”


Bourdain’s apology reads, “You saw me take Daddy’s guitar and smash it against a tree and I’m sure that was upsetting… Know that that was in fact not really Daddy’s guitar, and that we were both just playing around. Daddy would have been very angry were I to do such a thing — and as he is a large man, I would not still be here to write this letter. I like your Daddy very much. We are friends. Your Daddy was very nice to let me and my camera crew hang out with him all week at his favorite places and to make totally awesome music for us.”

You can watch the video that upset Homme’s daughter and lead to Bourdain’s apology below:

Bourdain’s death occurred by suicide in Strasbourg, France, last month. He was 61. A new biography will be released in 2019 exploring his life and work.